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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

One VERY Impressive Piece of Malware - Stuxnet

It's hard to believe its development will stay secret forever, so someone will eventually take credit and maybe even write a book.  Whatever the case, and whom ever created and managed it, Stuxnet was one amazing malware campaign with it's zero-day exploits, subtle damage approach and peer to peer upgrade channel.  Don't worry if you're a technophobe, the article below reads like a Hollywood script and brings to mind how Churchill subtlety used Ultra (or didn't use it) to further his objectives.  The story even has a climax, with discovery day cleanup already prepared - very impressive.  Here's a link :

And the more technical Wiki version :

It makes one wonder what unknown code may be running on other computers...

Be prepared.

Rod Coleman, General Manager - Sierra Computer Group

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