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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Burning Man 2013 - Getting Good At It

First posted 09-05-13:

Lake of Dreams - a VERY Cool 2013 Time Lapse

It's been a dozen burns and I'm finally getting good at it.  How do I know?  I've gained control of the process and the pace.  My prep can be adjusted as needed, the shade and art are all set up before the gate opens, I bank my sleep and am still fresh on Thursday morning.  Oh, and we finally made green on the LNT map.

But along with veteran status comes a degree of desensitization.  I know the standard art forms and when the titty parade happens.  For years I didn't bother watching the Man burn, but the last couple of times the peddle car has made it a whole new experience.  And I guess that's the point.  I'm able to find the subtle in a maelstrom of one damn thing after another.  So Burning Man is still a hoot, just in a constantly changing way. If you've been, you know what I mean.  If you haven't, nothing I write will change that.  But I do like to post of few links.

As often happens, I discover some of my favorite stuff AFTER the burn.  In this case it's a brilliant series of blog posts, and my favorite Burning Man story of ALL time.  Be sure to read all 8 parts.  It's mostly set about a hundred yards from our camp this year so I remember much of what he describes.  It has SO many great lines, and yes, it's full of inside humor, just the thing to capture a veteran Burner's heart:

Burning Noir: a Chance Meeting with Augustus St. George

Another excellent attempt to capture the essence of Burning Man:

How to Dismantle an Anatomic Bomb: A Recently Un-virgined Account of the Burning Man Festival

One of the very best video summaries:

Thank You for the Memories

Another excellent production:

The Burners of Cargo Cult

CoRE photos:

Burning Man 2013 CoRE Projects 360° Panoramas

Aerial view:

Burning Man 2013 aerial video sampler

Great photos:

Burning Man 2013

A journalist who's actually BEEN to the playa:

The futile exercise of writing about Burning Man

A Burgin's take:

55 Things I Learned At Burning Man

Captures the light and smiles, plus the best Ichthyosaur video so far:

Video of Reno projects

50 of the coolest Burning Man art installations ever

Honoring Snoop Dog:  Drill in and Tranzizzle any web page for any topic.  Wikipedia works great.  VERY cool:

Time-lapse Mountain-top Meta-view

Excellent Music and Video Editing

Burning Man 2013 // Let It BURN Video

Another beautiful one:

We Are Only Human

6 Things The World Could Learn From Burning Man
As The Dust Settles: A Participatory Documentary

Through the eyes of an 81 year old virgin:

Charlie Goes to Burning Man

"Life is a moment to celebrate, to enjoy.
Make it fun, a celebration,
and then you will enter the temple." - OSHO

Temple Guardians

A very Zen time-lapse of the event film:

Lake of Dreams

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