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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Movie Mashup - Netflix Rental by Zip

Here is a tool where you can use the internet to look into the soul of a zip code.

It takes a few minutes to realize what is being measured here, but when you do, you'll discover an amazingly powerful tool. It provides information not only about what kind of people live where (which we've had for a long time). More importantly, it provides information about how they THINK about any given topic - by ZIP code. Or at least topics which can be associated with movies. Next it may gain a dynamic dimension as new films are released. Wait until Avatar is release and we see where it is NOT rented!

Click on a city and then scroll the most rented bar from left to right - fascinating! Don't get caught up in relative popularity of movies. The less popular films provide more specific data. Then watch how they vary by zip code. It says so much about how people pick their homes and end up living near the like-minded.

Sure, there's no drill down into each skull, but politician work district by district anyway. And yes, politicians have been tailoring content for years. But can you imagine the next election cycle where local speeches will be given with different subtle movie references by zip code? Good thing they will be captured on video and brought together on the internet to keep them somewhat "honest".

Giving THIS sword has AT LEAST two edges.

Just imagine what the next mash-up will be. Porn rentals anyone?

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