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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Christmas Story

As I mentioned before, I live in a park setting not far from the Mt. Rose Wilderness area. I get deer, coyotes and LOTS of birds around my place.

During the last few weeks there have been literally HUNDREDS of Canadian geese in the fields around my house and the lakes below. Sometimes they land on my house and make a lot of noise on the roof. More than once they've blessed my deck. And a goose fresh from the field can offer a generous blessing.

Anyway, this afternoon I'm having lunch and reading about the most interesting discoveries of the year in Popular Science when I hear this clatter on the roof. At first I didn't think anything about it. More geese of course. But not for long.

This was SERIOUS clatter so I cocked my head and listened closely. It sounded like a football team on my roof! THIS needed to be investigated so I ran outside to the rail of the deck. As I looked back at the house I was stunned. There were DEER on my roof. Yes, DEER! Three of them!

Now this was strange indeed but not as impossible as it might sound. My house is built into the side of the hill with the back of the roof only about a foot off the ground. Yes, I live in a Hobbit hole. I guess they just decided to walk out on the roof to have a look around.

As I slowly walked to the end of the house I saw four more on the road. Just then two of the three on the roof joined the larger group back on the road but one of them broke the other way. He ran the length of my house and lept into the air high enough that I could see him in the air from the far end.

Oh no, I thought. He'll break a leg trying to get away. Nope. Deer know how to land. By the time I got there he was long gone down over the hill.

Just then a guy with white hair pulled up...

OK, this is going too far. No. It's not what you think.

It was my landlord driving his yellow VW bug. He had to stop for the deer in the road. He said, "That was strange", shook his head and went on. Just then the one that jumped off the house joined the others.

Not so strange I thought. It's December 23rd. They were just practicing for tomorrow night... LOL!

OK, OK they weren't REINdeer. There were no antlers. And seven is not enough to pull the sleigh.


It made me smile.

If you question the veracity of my story, just remember, truth really IS stranger than fiction. Reality has it's own unique way of entertaining us.

Just thought I'd share. My twelve year old loved hearing about it.

Merry Christmas.