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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sierra Computers - Making Your Net Work

You may have noticed, I haven't been blogging much lately. And you might assume I'm working on my post from this year's Burn - which I am. But there's another demand on my time lately - Sierra Computers.

Back in 2001, not long before my divorce, Sheri and I sold MicroAge to Darren McBride at Sierra Computers. Along with eight other employees who were hired full-time, I took a six month part-time consulting position to smooth the transition. Seven years later, I'm still "consulting".

At least until now.

Over the years, I've become Darren's default CFO. While my focus has been the numbers, I've also spent a bit of time in sales and product management, as well as being a critic of web marketing and inventory control - typical tech and business stuff.

About four years ago, Darren put together a clever alternative for computer back-up. The product is called High Rely. It's a low-cost solution using hot-swappable hard drives as back-up
medium, instead of less reliable tape. It's a more reliable and effective alternative to tape back-up. I'll blog the details in another post.

When Darren started selling these devices locally, I noticed the effect on gross profit. I suggested he take the product into wider distribution, but he was already working on a marketing
plan. He presented the product at a trade show where it was acclaimed by CRN and Tom'S Hardware. As they say, the rest is history.

Over the last couple of years, High Rely has grown to eclipse the rest of Sierra Computers. So last January we split Highly Reliable Systems off into it's own company.

Naturally, this new company began taking more and more of Darren's time. Sierra Computers was getting less attention, so Darren has asked me to help out. Beginning August 1st, I became the General Manager of Sierra Computers.

As you can imagine, taking on a new full-time job just before Burning Man has been hectic. Learning a new job as I did playa prep, the Burn, then clean up, has been challenging. Thus, not
much time for blogging.

Now, Sierra has become my primary focus. In many ways it's like old times at MicroAge. I'm having fun. But I WILL get my playa post done. I promise. Plus I have lots of other topics to discuss. So you'll see more from this blog.

In the mean time, if you need tech services or computer products, give me a call. We'll help you find the right solution. We'll solve your technical problems.

We'll make your net work.

Sierra Computers

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Zealot Witch Project - Child Sex Hysteria

Below is a link to a post written by a very close friend. If you value your liberty, it's worth a read...

The Zealot Witch Project - Child Sex Hysteria

As you can see, it is amazingly well written, and what's more, I share his view on this topic. During more than two years on the Washoe County Grand Jury, I've saw the abuses he describes. And these same laws have also affected others I know personally. So I share his conviction.

This may surprise some of you considering my blog post about my friends rape, but there is no contradiction. Life is not black and white.

Lines need to be drawn at reasonable points.

Moderation discovered.

Liberty defended.