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Monday, June 14, 2010

Stone Soup 2010 Set for the 18th, 19th and 20th of June!

FINALLY!  Summer is here and the weather looks great for Stone Soup.  Here's the latest :

NNPS is providing a center camp shelter, Greg Glover a music venue where Darkemeth will be playing house and psytrance.  Help Me BDSM camp will be giving demos.  The Poly camp will have an intro presentation and pot-luck on Saturday after noon. Diva Den will provide chill space.  Hib will be presenting Liquid Chess as well as a balloon with a mile of line. After Saturday will be Cari's birthday party!

There will be an update and PermaBurn meeting Sunday morning at 10:00 AM at center camp.  Be there if you're a PermaBurner or interested.

The RSVP list is growing.  Add your name with camp plans and head count by emailing :


What : Stone Soup Encore - 2010 - Burner Camp-out at PermaBurn
When : June 18th, 19th & 20th (early and late camping is fine)
Where : Madeline, California - 60 miles north of Susanville
Entrance Fee : $0.00, nada, FREE!

If you've never been to Stone Soup, here's a little background.  The Reno area has Burner events all year long.  Most are to raise money for theme camps or other causes.  Often they are limited by cost, small venues or city constraints.

Stone Soup is different.  It's not about raising money.  It's not held on public lands.  It's not limited in size.  There are few restrictions.  You can bring your dogs.  You can bring your kids.  You can bring your dirt bikes or ATVs.

Stone Soup is about whatever you wish to express, in the purest way possible.  It's the closest thing you'll find to an old-school Burner camp-out; or the early days on the playa.

So why's it called Stone Soup?

You may have heard of the Grimm Brother tale about three Napoleonic soldiers returning to a war-torn and starving village in hopes of a free meal.  As the villagers are at first unwilling to share any of their meager food supplies, these soldiers decide to get creative.   They set up a pot full of water and begin to boil a large stone, announcing a dinner of "stone soup" will be available for all, just as soon as it's cooked.

Then one of the villagers offers to add some salt - just to give it a little flavor.  Next, pepper is offered up by another.  Soon other villagers begin bring forth their modest vegetables and other contributions to create a wonderful soup.

In no time, they all eat well in spite of first intentions.  The point is, you won't need to bring much to PermaBurn, just what you need to survive, and what you wish to add to the experience.

For those who didn't join us last year (or didn't make it up the hill), PermaBurn is 640 acres of northern California now officially organized as The PermaBurn Collective.  In the spirit of Burning Man, PermaBurn has gifted this volcanic terrain for the weekend, with virtually no restrictions on how you wish to express yourself.

We'll use the PermaBurn site as our soup pot.  Greg Glover (founder) has thrown in port-a-potties as the stone for the soup.  (Am I pushing this metaphor too far?)  In any case, because of this wonderful gift, we don't need to charge an entrance fee.  So come on out and join us.  Express yourself!  Be free!  For free!

Just like on the playa, and as in the story Stone Soup, WE get to add all the rest.  What would you like to add to the soup?

Link back to this site for on-going updates.  More importantly, email me with YOUR plans so I can help you hook up with others and coordinate similar activities.  Let me know if I can post your name, email and or phone number here along with your camp plans.  Plus I'll need a head count for the potties, so...

RSVP your camp plans and head count to...


NNPS Hosting Center Camp - The center camp shade structure will be hosted this year by the Northern Nevada Polyamory Support group, who will also be presenting, "Introduction to Polyamory", on Saturday afternoon at 4:00 followed by a pot-luck for everyone at 6:00 PM followed by a birthday party for Cari.

Tunes - Greg Glover will be providing a music venue where Darkemeth will be playing house and psytrance.

Liquid Chess - BadAss (Hib) will be presenting his full-scale chess art project.

Helium - Hib will also be deploying a balloon with a mile of line.

Camp Quadzilla will provide transportation options.

Camp Help Me - A BSDM camp with be set up by Camp Help Me.  Stop by for a whack.

Diva Den Chill Space presented by Cari.

PermaBurn - There will be an update and PermaBurn meeting Sunday morning at 10:00 at center camp.  If you're a PermaBurner, or are interested, please join us.

What will YOU add to the flavor?

What : Stone Soup 2010 - Burner Camp-out at PermaBurn
When : June 18th, 19th & 20th (early and late camping is fine)
Where : Madeline, California - 60 miles north of Susanville
Entrance Fee : $0.00, nada, FREE!

RSVP your camp, art plans and head count to...


If you're not familiar with PermaBurn, here is a link to posts from the first two year's camp-outs...

AfterBurn, Reheat, Stone Soup and First Ashes

Thanks to CyberBiker for providing this Google Map link..

Stone Soup - PermaBurn Location on Google Map

If you haven't been out, there is 5 miles of gravel road, some of it has dips that would challenge anything with a flat exit angle, such as a long over-hang RV.   But there have been trailers as long as 24 feet, a full-sized Greyhound bus and one fully loaded Geo Metro, so any normal car will make it if you dodge a few rocks.  High clearance or trucks, no problem at all.

(click to expand)

How to get to PermaBurn...

Take 395 60 miles north of Susanville to Madeline, California
(the 395 junction is just east of Susanville).

Go 6 miles north of Madeline on 395 to the 134.92 mile marker at 41 7'43" 120 30'0".

Watch for the orange or pink or mylar tape from this point on.  If you go to Google map you won't find any names on any of these roads, but the mile marker is past Sage Hen and before South Fork Mountain Road.  On the ground, the key is the mile marker and tape at each junction.

You have five miles of gravel road to go.

Take a left onto the shortcut to a gravel road.

Take another left to go south on this gravel road.

Go 0.1 miles till you reach the green gate.  Open the gate and go through.  Please remember to close it back.

Go 0.4 miles until you see a second green Gate on the right with orange tape.

Open the green gate and take a right.  AND close it back.

Cross the yellow cattle guard about 30 feet beyond the gate.

Go 2.4 miles up some hills and across a flat.

You will see another yellow cattle guard and orange tape.

To the right, will be a sign for the reservoir.

You are at 41 6'45" 120 32' 6".

Go just BEYOND the cattle guard, and then take an immediate LEFT turn on the dirt road on the other side of the fence.  Turn left just AFTER the cattle guard, not before!

Climb 2.2 miles south on the dirt road.

At some points the road tilts pretty bad, and there are a few rocks protruding but a normal car can make it with care.

You will reach a small hill and then come down into the PermaBurn site.  The last hundred yards which was so bad last year has been newly worked and is in much better condition.

The best camping is in this first valley.

Welcome to Permaburn!

Welcome to Stone Soup!

Where to Camp

There are two ponds on the hill with some trees around them.  Unfortunately, this is also where some free range cattle come to drink and find shade,  AND leave their droppings.  There were only a few mosquitoes last year - not really a problem.  But to minimize all of these factors, we will be setting up Center Camp along main street a quarter mile back in the lower valley.  You can of course camp where ever you choose but we'd like the significant performance camps along main street if possible.

That's all I can think of right now.  Email  me your questions, camp, art plans and head count to...


Or just click on "Comments" below.  Either will work.  I will post the updates here from time to time.

What : Stone Soup 2010 Burner Camp-out at PermaBurn
When : June 18th, 19th & 20th (early and late camping is fine)

Where : Madeline, California - 60 miles north of Susanville
Entrance Fee : $0.00, nada, FREE!

See ya at Stone Soup 2010.

See ya at PermaBurn!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Favorite Droid Apps


Here's my favorite Droid app so far.  It's an RPN calculator from Brain Overspill.  Though not an HP emulation, they've taken the best of calculator UI / PDA design and combined it with an RPN option.

Though I'm not a fan of long press, in this case it's faster than using shift.  For instance in conversion, enter a number (or result of calculation) then hold down the EXP key (not show in outdated photo). A dialog pops up. Select units and it displays all the other forms - very quick and easy.

As noted above, the picture is outdated and also in Algebraic mode - they also have %, Rotate and Swap XY.  When they get around to financial and stat functions, it'll be perfect.  Nice work guys.