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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where do you eat?

This is some of the best dieting advice I've seen in a long time.

The point is, eat on purpose at a normal place. That way you have a chance to quantify HOW MUCH you eat. If you graze all day everywhere you go, there's no way of knowing how much.

This appears to be a valid reason for the increase in obesity.

Check it out...

Where do you eat?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Defend Phelps - Zen Boycott Kellogg's

This Phelps / Kellogg's affair is a bit bizarre. Here we have who is arguably the greatest Olympic athlete of all time being marginalized for imbibing a product which obviously does him little or no harm. EXCEPT for Kellogg's dumping his contract.

The only way this absurdity make any sense at all, is when you realize marijuana is a bit like masturbation - lots of people do it, few stand up in public to defend it. And I won't either. I'm only an observer.

It's the same reason NORML has had such a PR problem since it's inception. Only those with true conviction and courage will come out in favor of marijuana. Let me make it clear, I'm not one of them. In the mean time, the vast majority who DO approve, do so silently.


But I have a suggestion.


Boycott Kellogg's cereal.

But not the usual boycott.

Only a Zen boycott will have the desired effect.

It's well known, conventional boycott's rarely work. For the few who actually stop using products, others will buy their share just to vote the other side. The awareness dies off equally on both sides over time. The trick is to avoid the press and campaigns and make this long term and about more than just Kellogg's.

That's what would make a Zen Boycott different - there should be no PR at all. In other words, no major press stories. No campaigns. Don't even let the opposition know what's happening. Only the product managers at Kellogg's will discover the truth - and wonder why.

Think about it. If only a small fraction of those who smoke marijuana actually stopped eating Kellogg's cereal, it will have a significant impact. Even a few points of market share will make a BIG difference to the cereal companies.

And if the tokers out there see Kellogg's at a friend's house and refuse to eat it, word will spread. Over time it could even take the form of an inside joke like 4:20, where only the few insiders would "get it".

Yes. It will take a while for word to get around. But it would be a campaign that would NEVER be reversed. Kellogg's in time would have to change their name and hide their brand - or lose their lead in the market.

In this subtle way, those who smoke won't HAVE to stand up and be counted. They just need to find something ELSE to eat for breakfast. And there are plenty of other brands.

This doesn't even need to be about Kellogg's per se. Over time this little incident may be forgotten, but the boycott wouldn't. Kellogg's could be just a handy medium for those who wish to express themselves about the upside-down world of alcohol / marijuana law enforcement and the politics of our times.

So if you think our laws are wrong, and that politically correct - isn't correct...

Next time you see a box of Kellogg's...

Quietly reach for another brand...

Let the Wheaties rot on the shelf.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Siftables from the Media Lab

I think this is the second post I've done on a TED presentation. This one is an impressive new form machine / human interaction. If you do ANYthing with UI, you need to watch this...

Siftables Video