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Monday, November 30, 2009

OPOC Engine

I have to agree, this IS a radically new type of engine. Click through to watch it run. It will be fun to see how it develops. Set your Google to alert.

A radically new type of engine - OPOC


  1. Actually it is not at all a radical new type of engine. There is a history of dozens of variants of opposed piston engines, and this is one of them.
    There have been two big problems with those:
    1. high power density means very high thermal and mechanical stress leading often to melting or crack failures
    2. The piston rings going over the outlet openings mean oil contamination of the exhaust gases, which is a big problem with modern emission laws.
    The potential for energy efficiency is higher than with any other concept, but it has to be seen, wether the said obstacles are surmounted.

  2. this engine does have alot of potential. oil conamination is probable once the engine has become "worn". it is likely that the engine will become worn quicker because of increased stress and possibly heat. one possible solution is newer harder high quality metals and alloys along with better synthetic non burning lubricants and some sort of lube recapture system in the exhaust.
    i like the ida of it being deisel and the increased horsepower is something most of us would like. however increased efficiency is somethng oil companies will hate. they will lobby against it, and bribe and pay auto makers not to use it. this is already going on with cleaner more efficient engines. they will launch slur campaigns against it. point out all of its flaws and none of its benefits. and when all else fails they will buy the patent design and place it on a shelf never to be used.

  3. fundamentally the OPOC engine has to over come oil fume into exhaust gas, a similar challenge that the Australian two stroke engine could not achieve about 15 years ago. The emission laws are a lot tougher now so the best of luch for the talented crew at EM to work on

  4. Look at the German GOLLE-MOTOR:
    Oilfree running pistons made from graphit solve most of the problems!

    With best regards
    Der Schwarze Peter