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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

CES: Motorized unicycle, anyone?

Originally posted on 01-16-12:

I do love a minimalist solution, and these guys I met at CES have definitely created one.

They say it's easier to ride than it looks, which is good because it looks difficult; until they make it look easy.  Still, I wonder how comfortable it is after an hour of standing in such a rigid fashion?

It's right out of the Jetsons, and at only $1495 and $2295!

Cool videos:


08-16-2016 Another Review and Update

Another one:

Ryno Bike

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Who is Gary Johnson?

The 3rd Party Candidate - A Documentary

First posted in 2012:

Now more valid than ever:

From our pay-stubs, to our soft drinks, to our light-bulbs, to our bedrooms, to our toilets, the government is demanding more and more control of our lives.  When will we finally say enough is enough? When will we reach our "John Galt" moment?  When will we take our government back?

Last November Gary Johnson set a record for the Libertarian Party at one percent of the vote.  He might have gotten far more except that most of America had no idea there WAS a viable third choice.  Indeed, most of America agrees with more of his actual policies than any other candidate.  Gary WILL make an excellent president and help move government back away from our door:

So how do we help gain awareness for Gary Johnson over the NEXT four years?  I have an idea.

In Atlas Shrugged, "Who is John Gault?", was a rhetorical question reflecting the futility of the system.  The question was asked over and over by the hopeless, but it also became hope itself for those who KNEW John Galt.

A similar question needs to be asked again, but not in fiction this time.  If every time we see injustice in big government we reply with this question, maybe the nation will come to realize there IS an alternative.

If you agree, each time you see a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Blog post describing government taking away your freedom, simply leave this comment:

"Who is Gary Johnson?"

At first these comments may annoy and confuse people, since anyone can Google the answer.  And many will.  That's important:

The Battle for Freedom NEVER Ends

Wikipedia - Gary Johnson

But for the rest of us, it'll be a way of reminding others how critical we believe our freedoms are.

And in time the question itself will take on a life and meaning of it's own.

So... will YOU ask a simple question for freedom?

Who IS Gary Johnson?

Keep asking until we get some answers.

03-26-2016 Libertarian candidate gains in polls