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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Burning Man Through the Years

First posted 096-29-2015:

Burning Man Through the Years - 1986 to 2015

Burning Man 1995

1996 was a major turning point for Burning Man.  Some say it's when Burning Man grew up, others, when it jumped the shark.  I think it jumps the shark (and many other challenges) every year.  The best summary I've heard is, "Burning Man's the thing same every year - completely different.

Anyway, 1996 was before my time on the playa, but here's the best film I've found on the topic:

Burning Man 1996 "No Clemency For The Wood""

Also before my time on the playa:

1997 to 2000

And other content that spans several years:

2001 to 2010

Burning Man Timelapse Pre-2014