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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Telomere Technology

Telomeres are a topic I've been following since 70s mostly in Science News.  Skip to the bottom if you'd like to read my earlier links and posts.  Here is the latest:

01-28-15 Telomere-lengthening procedure turns clock back years in human cells 

11-14-13  Ming the clam, world's oldest animal, was actually 507 years old

09-17-13  In small study, healthy lifestyle fights cell ageing

Bill Andrews is the man responsible for leading much of the research on telomeres.  Here's a link to summary:

Curing Aging by Bill Andrews

09-21-12  Almost everyone who knows me knows what a skeptic I am, and that I don't entertain ideas not based in science. I have not researched any of this work, so I can't vouch for it in any way. But last night I got the chance for long private discussion and personal tour of Sierra Science Labs.  I'm convinced Bill's work is being done in good faith and he's determined to solve this problem.  Watch this blog for updates.

05-24-12  Key gene found responsible for chronic inflammation, accelerated aging and cancer

05-16-12 - First Gene Therapy Successful Against Aging-Associated Decline: Mouse Lifespan Extended Up to 24% With a Single Treatment

Some of you have heard me talking about Telomeres for decades. Finally, we may be on the verge of practical application.

Below is the Popular Science cover story about Bill Andrews work with telomeres:

08-02-11 Bill Andrews - The Man Who Would Stop Time

And below is the link to a Bill Andrews video summarizing the state of the art in telomeres.  Yes, I know it's over two hours long but it's worth watching if you are interested in the topic of anti-aging:

04-10-12 - Bill Andrews Telomere Video Summary

Science can obviously take time, but this finally appears to be a major step toward immortality...

11-29-10 - Another major breakthrough using telomeres

11-29-10 - Harvard scientists reverse the ageing process in mice รป now for humans

03-22-10 - BioTime Press Release and article