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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Burning Man Panomatics

Burning Man is a target-rich  environment for photographers.  And you see them everywhere you go.  They are using everything from camera-phones, to Nikons, even full video.  But here's one camera I didn't noticed while it was happening.

These images appear to be from some kind of spherical 360 degree camera of some sort, with some very careful reconstruction.  However it's done, the result is amazing.  If you aren't careful, you'll make yourself sick dragging the mouse around.  Almost like waking up Sunday morning after the Burn.  But what a powerful viewing tool!

Plus, this one tour covers a LOT of Burning Man 2009.  Imagine how many photos you'd have to click through to gain this perspective.  And the night scenes are great - almost like being there!

So if YOU want to control the camera at Burning Man, click through...

Burning Man Panomatics

Don't forget to use your scoll-wheel for zooming.

Comment from Dave Cline -  - Welllll... This is what I THINK made the pictures: