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Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Feds Finally "Get" Burning Man

Burning Man is all about radical artistic expression with an imperative that everyone participate. It now appears the Federal Government (as the BLM) has finally gotten the message and decided to express itself the way it knows best - instant taxation.

As most people know, Burning Man has set the standard in using public lands without negative impact. Their "Leave No Trace" performance has set examples for the entire world to follow. And considering the size of the crowds and the activities involved, there are very few problems.

So what's the government to do with such a success?

Create some art!

Yes, the BLM decided to respond to a problem that doesn't exist (rampent crime at Black Rock City?) by dramatically increasing law enforcement and associated fees. As a final touch, they sent the bill to Burning Man.

How's THAT for creative artistic expression reflecting your core values? After all, isn't solving non-extistent problems with someone else's money what government does best?

I'd say it's a beautifully executed "piece of work".

But who's the "Man"?

And who gets burned?

Here are the details...

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  1. This reminds me of the government officials in N. California, who commented a few years ago: We want more leeway to evict people from mining claims, because many of these people are 'just hippies' that want to live on public land.
    My immediate reaction was "what kind of people do you think first came out here, explored and found riches in this land?"
    Of course, they were hippies, or beatnics, in equivalence at least. Long of tooth, raggy clothes, non-conformist in nature, and nature loving!
    But, the point: Those who would 'administer' the rest of us, are quick to use laws designed for another purpose to reach their goals. No doubt, there is a 'great need' to get these 'hippies' out of the furthest reaches of our fine deserts!
    -Dave Cline