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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Eat Your Heart Out, Icarus

You've probably already seen this, but I just HAVE to keep it for my archieve...

Gizmodo Details

Movie - no jet but VERY cool flight.

From BusinessWeek :

Humans have come a feather closer to soaring like birds. Aided by a set of 6-foot-wide carbon-fiber wings, paratroopers can now jump out of planes at 33,000 feet and glide as far as 120 miles before popping their chutes and floating to earth.

Recently designed for Germany's special operations forces, the Gryphon wing-and-chute system is made by a joint venture between ESG Elektroniksystem-und-Logistik and Dräger. The Gryphon's compact size and stealthy materials make it both silent and nearly invisible to radar. In battle, winged soldiers carrying up to 200 pounds of gear could jump from planes far from a danger zone and glide in undetected.

With production slated for late 2006, the wings' designers next hope to add compact turbo jets. The extra thrust would help parachutists travel even farther -- or let them jump from lower altitudes. No word yet on whether the U.S. military is interested.
By Adam Aston

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