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Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Right Text Editing Tool for the Job

(Posted to some board re: Sudden View but it's a nice summary and I should have a copy here)

Believe it or not, most text in cyberspace is manipulated by this little web box I'm typing in right now, or a similar one from AOL, MS or Yahoo mail. Think about it. Most writers don't even bother with WordPad. So much for picking the proper tool.

But for the one tenth of one percent (about a million users) out there who spend more than an hour a day editing text the choice becomes important. That's where matching the tool to the job is not only important, it can be critical.

I see the choices as multiple lines reaching out from a common point which is notepad (or Yahoo mail). Each line had a primary purpose with the most complete tool for each purpose at the far end.

Programmers tend to Zeus, vim etc.

Writer tend to Open office, MS Word etc.

Web monkeys tend to Front Page or one of the HTML tools

Bloggers blog with blog things.

Each application (and line) has it's choices.

It's best to keep an open mind.

Cyberspace is a moving target.

Sudden Disruption

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