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Friday, June 08, 2007

Ron Paul As Most Entertaining Candidate

My son Joshua and I spar on politics from time to time. Yesterday, during one of these events, I asked him where he got his news - his response, "The Daily Show". The scary part is he's serious, as is much of his generation. But what are we to expect? He grew up with Matt Stone and Trey Parker. He agrees with much of what he's seen on South Park. And when he drags me down into the details, so do I.

But why the Daily Show? Is most of America so steeped in its own politically correct, conventional two-party formula, that the only way to get through is entertainment? Is this the back door to our political future? Do the ideas of Ron Paul and South Park represent the Hippie movement of this generation? More importantly, what effects will it have on the election? Or the next one? Or the one after that?

This morning my son sent me this email...

"If you believe even half the things you have been telling us for the last 20 years, I don't understand how you could not want this man as your next president. Its time to stop bitching and start a revolution. I have been telling you for years how libertarians would lead the way to a better America. This is the beginning, and I think he can be understood and appreciated by both parties. Ironically enough, the democrats are starting to like him more than Hilary. Hell even John Stewart likes him, someone who has helped discredit Bush with the best of them. Blog it, make a difference. Even if you can only turn one hippy [ie] at least it was a nice effort. Ron Paul 2008! "

Here are the links he sent. Don't worry. They are short but sweet...

Ron Paul On The Daily Show

Ron Paul on The Tucker Carlson Show

And here's a couple more for reference...

Ron Paul on Wiki

Ron Paul in 2008

If you look at web traffic and change in "voting", we haven't seen such excitement since Tiny Tim threw his hat in the ring. The difference is, this Texan is serious. And so is this next generation. That's the point.

I can't say I agree with all of the Libertarian platform, but many of Ron Paul's ideas are very appealing - certainly the philosophy of liberty and what it means personally. Plus I can't help but appreciate Josh's enthusiasm. So there's no way I could deny him this blog post.

Ron Paul IS the most entertaining candidate.

And who knows.

Hippies ideas have had a major impact on our culture and politics over the years.

At least Josh didn't ask me to go video viral with Matt Stone.



  1. H@ll, Rod, I know people OUR age that look there for the news. I would, if I could find that channel that early or late...
    Basically, those channels are critical, sassy, and make compelling arguments through humor. Even Dave Letterman has 'great presidential speeches' each nite, showing Bush's 'way - no way' with words.
    Libeertarian is a LOT of what YOU believe in, in my humble opinion. You are just staying with a more popular(?) crowd...
    Dave Cline.

  2. This guy is the genuine deal if you truly want change - and good change. I think most people agree and like the guy when they actually hear or see him in action. Unfortunately, many of those same people don't take him seriously. But, he's got my vote if he even gets a chance.