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Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama's Hypocrisy on School Vouchers

Many of you have heard me rant about public education and how vouchers are the solution. Until now I have not posted on the topic. Nor will I start.

It's only a narrow example, but Shikha Dalmia has done a far better job than I ever could. This is an impressive piece and worth a read even if you don't have kids in school. Here are a couple of excerpts...

"First: This administration has proudly boasted that it would make a decisive break with its predecessor's habit of ignoring science when it clashed with policy objectives. And concerning the D.C. program in particular, President Obama had assured that he would let evidence settle its fate. "Let's see if it [the voucher program] works," he said during the campaign. "And if it does, whatever my preconceptions, you do what's best for the kids." Yet far from being led by the scientific evidence, he concealed it."

"In fact, the program, with per-pupil costs that are a third of what D.C. public schools spend, is producing solid gains for the 1,700 predominantly poor and minority children it serves. Indeed, the first batch of children who received vouchers from the program for private schools is now 19 months ahead of its public school peers in reading--which is why there are four applicants for every available slot."

Here's the whole story...

Obama's Hypocrisy

This is "CHANGE"?  This is "HOPE"?

Education's too important to be left to the government.  Empower the parents.

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