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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Great American Bubble Machine

First posted on 07-08-09...

It isn't often that I pass on a link I get in email, but if you haven't seen this video of Matt Taibbi, or read his Rolling Stones article about Goldman Sachs, by all means click the link.

You may have heard me admit that while I saw the housing bubble, I didn't call or even understand the oil and credit bubbles - now I do.

I'm not normally open to conspiracy theories, but this one rings true...

The Great American Bubble Machine

OK. I just got a copy of the actual article which goes into a lot more depth and detail. Who says hard-copy publishing is dead? If you saw the video, you might think potty-mouthed bluster. And if you read the Rolling Stone web summary, you may begin to wonder. But if you read the detail, you'll wonder why congressional hearing haven't started yet.

Matt Taibbi delivers on his bluster.

It's worth buying an actual copy of Rolling Stone.

So if you have ANY interest in our current economic situation...

This is a MUST read.

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