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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Why This Blog?

The reason for this blog is Sudden View.
The reason for Sudden View is this blog.
More specifically...

The primary reason for the creation of this blog is to support the text editor Sudden View, and to explain the why of it's design.

The second reason for this blog is that I like to write; and I like to write about all kinds of things, which is the primary reason for the creation of Sudden View.

Sudden Disruption

Sudden View - for the art of editing text


  1. Are the damned ice cubes the reason why you run around Reno shirtless in the middle of the winter? Or, are you just another nutcase?
    And how about the string of heart-broken virgins that you leave in your wake? How can you sleep? The tires on your car are just about empty and you don't care!! This is insane!!