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Monday, February 26, 2007

Burning Man Screen Savers

(First posted to Sudden Art 08-16-06)

In all the years I've used computers, I've never bothered with screen savers. The main reason was the image base was so small, the pictures quickly got boring. And most screen savers don't even bother to change the order of execution so even the sequence became predictable. The black screen was more entertaining.

In the last couple of years, that's all changed. First of all, these Burning Man Screen Savers have an obvious corner on amazing images. Plus these guys have a random sequence and a LARGE selection of images. I can let it run all year without getting bored. And by then, next year's version is out.

The last several years is now available for free download...

Burning Man Screen Savers

So if you can't Burn, watch us Burn all year long.

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